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Our pasalubong shop named  after me, Rowena’s.

Let me also just share with you my humble beginnings. I actually started with a monobloc table I carry around with my bite-sized buko tarts on board a yellow tricycle driven by Mang Jun.I was not born with a silver spoon. I grew up in Quezon Province and finished school in Manila. I married my husband, Lito, who hails from Tagaytay and here is where it started all. He is an accountant and worked his way up to the corporate ladder while I chose to take care of our only son, Ted and run the house.



But I guess, some are really born with a knack for business and I love food. And so I started selling pancit in front of this very place where we are standing on right now. Of course this was not this big yet back then. And then I tried selling tarts and reselling pasalubongs inside retreat houses and conference centers around Tagaytay.

When the demands for more stocks increased I then decided to put a hole in the wall of our old home and sold tarts. Until, I get to earn enough again to make the store bigger and more customers friendly. I made it like a convenience store where they can go around and pick their pasalubongs and pay at the counter. And now, we are just so grateful to God for the opportunity to make more and more Tagaytay visitors happy with every Rowena's pasalubong they bring back home.

And it was also through an article written by Ms. Lydia Castillo of Philippine Star that many people get to know of my hole in the wall pasalubong store along Sta. Rosa road.

Truly, we are happy to share our story to inspire more people especially you young ones to keep on trying and never to give up in lite. I was not born rich but I know I was born with a skill and interest to make people happy.

Kaya sa rowena's bitbit niyo pauwi ang sarap at saya ng bakasyon sa Tagaytay!

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